My work explores issues of identity, play, and representing “otherness” as it relates to various mixed media processes. Dealing with the struggles of masculinity, and homosexuality in religious and conservative spheres of society, I aim with my work to humor and use campy connotations to address discrimination and homophobia. The subject being myself also echoes the works of other photographers who have turned the lens onto themselves to tell a personal story and also become a stand-in for others to identify with. My processes range from traditional/alternative chemical darkroom methods to mixed media and digital collage. Dealing with layers upon layers of meaning with dress, makeup, and physical alterations of the photograph, I turn the photograph into an object of desire, embedded with complexity and mystery with ironies of literal beauty and hidden narratives about myself. My work has recently progressed into dealing with the same feeling of “difference” as told through printed fabrics and floral patterns with hidden occult symbols that emerge when viewed through a red filter. Ideas concerning “evil” and “magic” from witnessing the symbol in person interests me in how photographs change us when we identify with them in a gallery setting or more common social media and Instagram. It is by continuing to work with personal identifications with feeling on the outside looking in, that my work transforms into universal icons that create questions of acceptance and equality, or the still shocking lack thereof. 

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