Jason Anderson is a visual artist based in Virginia. Born in Fairfax, VA and then moving to the Shenandoah Valley in 1993, he began exploring photography in his early teens. In high school he began studying photography under Dale Halvorsen who became his first mentor in discovering his passion and gifting in traditional black and white darkroom photography. After graduating from high school in 2001, Jason seriously considered different top schools to study photography at. Visiting schools like Parsons in NYC, and then finally the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) where the decision to attend was made. From 2001-2005 Jason studied color chromogenic printing under Dan Larkin, studio lighting under Alan Vogel, worked for the facilities and equipment cage, and immersed himself in everything photographic. After 4 years of intensive study and technical honing of his skills Jason graduated with a BFA in Fine Art photography and a minor in Sociology in the Spring of 2005. 

Wanting to move closer to his siblings Jason decided to move to Chattanooga, TN where he began working for Olan Mills doing baby portraits, studio headshots and Senior portraits eventually with Lifetouch studios. Jason still however had a goal to pursue teaching photography in higher education. So in 2009 Jason moved back to Harrisonburg, VA where he was accepted into the MFA program at James Madison University. During the Summer he had the opportunity of connecting with artist John Borstel and Karen Keating and helping intern at Photoworks in Glenn Echo, MD.  Finally after completing a 3 year interdisciplinary degree he decided to pack up his car and drive across the country ending up in Seattle, WA. Living in Seattle gave Jason a much broader LGBTQI community to pull inspiration from, experience public transit daily, human interaction, and silent presence which he explores in his "transit" series. . Also while living in Seattle he had the fortunate opportunity of teaching "Crash Courses in DSLR Photography" at the Photographic Center Northwest (PCNW) Jason also had a retail career with Crate & Barrel in Bellevue, WA from Christmas 2012 till departing to other things in 2015.

Religion and sexuality have always coincided with Jason's work and also in his cathartic efforts of finding himself in life, his art, and the existence of life. Jason moved to Kansas city, MO in the summer of 2015 and briefly attended the Forerunner Music Academy at the International House of Prayer. After 3 months he dropped out, defeated, tired, and spiritually confused, but full of experience and wisdom of the whole experience. Many friendships were made. Jason moved back home to the Valley where he grew up and now calls home in Timberville, VA in the house he grew up in with his dog Sam and lots of grass to mow. Currently his passions are being involved with the Larkin Arts community, Super Gr8 Film festivals, and singing acapella songs in the tractor shed at his house for his undergoing YouTube channel "The Shed Sessions". Jason still has aspirations of teaching photography in higher education some day. 

Currently aside from making work Jason devotes himself to studying Instagram and social media culture which he believes is the future of visual dialogue globally. Which excites him intensely!!

Artist Statement

My work deals primarily with identity, sexuality, religion, and a clinging nostalgia to time, space, and memories. In many of my portrait series I am the subject and use an infrared remote to trip the shutter, all work is done solely by myself. The still-life work is as-is found and I love to discover things and photograph them as they lie in their natural state upon my discovery. I am also a passionate abstract painter working primarily with acrylic and spray paint. I am also a filmmaker and a house DJ. Everything ranging from singing to scanning bits of paper and so on, my work deals with pieces, and wholes. All symbolizing and signifying my search for meaning and self-acceptance as a gay man in a very divided and chaotic western world. 

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